Netbook Reviews - Netbook Comparison

Asus Eee PC

It's Netbook ratings time! What is the ‘perfect’ Netbook? The perfect netbook is the uncompromising marriage of size and function. The perfect netbook is small enough that you can take it anywhere, but powerful and useful enough that you don’t miss your 35 pound boat anchor that sits under your home or office desk. Perfection begs for no excuses and neither should a netbook. If function and size are the marriage, technology is the love that brings them together. Functionality and size are a difficult relationship. These Top-10 Netbooks are ranked by how well technology meets the challenge.

Portability / Screen

As much as you love that 24” Samsung flatscreen monitor, you won’t be able to carry it around in your hand. A netbook should be 3lbs or less, but the question is, can you actually see your screen without a magnifying glass? The best of both worlds is a netbook that combines a small screen with external connection to your big, beautiful flat-screen display. Oh, and you’ll want it to support your screen’s highest resolution. 1024 x 600 just isn’t fair to a 24” Samsung.


A well equipped netbook includes plenty of USB ports, high-res Web Cams, blue tooth, media car reader and wireless A/G/N / 3G. The latest must-have is 3G. What’s the point in having a super-portable, high-tech gadget that won’t you let go online anywhere in the world at anytime you want?

Construction & Design

Netbooks are made to be taken with you anywhere. They should be well-made, solid and not feel like a kid’s fisher price toy when you type on them. And just because it is durable doesn’t mean it has to be ugly. Netbooks come in wide variety of colors, styles and looks. Some really are better than others. This was the biggest criticism of the early Netbooks because people thought of them as gimmicks because they looks cheap and "toy like". Netbooks have come a long way and most of the current crop of netbooks have great style and seem much more durable than the early models.

Memory / Storage

Thanks to SSD (Solid State Drive) technology, 4, 8, 16 and 20GB storage is available in the size of your thumbnail for a fraction of an ounce. Would you rather have 160GB? 160 Gig drives seem to be the standard for netbooks these days yet they add a few ounces and millimeters to your netbook. Netbooks come both ways and as usual, smaller, but larger is best. The majority of today’s netbooks have 1GB of RAM, but some of them offer an option for 2.


The Intel Atom 1.6 processor is the foundation of nearly all netbooks today. It is the brain behind what makes something so small perform so well.

Battery Life

Battery life is HUGE…but it has to be small. The battery life of netbooks ranges from 2.5 hours – all the way to 7.5. A super long battery life is very highly rated in determining the top-10 netbook rankings.

Putting it all together, we’ve ranked today’s netbooks in order of how close they come to perfection. The attributes of what defines perfection are rated from 1-10 for each Netbook. While none of them quite meet all of the technological challenges of perfection, some are much closer than others. Here is how they rank.


1. Asus Eee PC 1000HA

Best Feature(s): Affordable. Fast processor for a Netbook. Fantastic battery Life. Chicklet Style Keyboard. Windows 7.

Worst Feature(s): None.

2. Samsung N120

Best Feature(s): Design style. Spacious keyboard. Battery life. Affordable.

Worst Feature(s): None.

3. Acer Aspire One

Best Feature(s): Inexpensive. Design style (very cool looking). Battery life (if you get the high capacity version).

Worst Feature(s): All models do not feature the high capacity battery.

4. Asus Eee PC 1000HE

Best Feature(s): Affordable. Fantastic battery Life. Chicklet Style Keyboard.

Worst Feature(s): A bit more expensive than other Netbooks.

5. Samsung go N310

Best Feature(s): Design style. Spacious keyboard. Battery life. Affordable.

Worst Feature(s): A bit more expensive than other Netbooks.

6. Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2

Best Feature(s): Design nice color style(s). Inexpensive.

Worst Feature(s): Battery Life. Touchpad isn't as responsive as you would expect.

7. HP Mini 311

Best Feature(s): High res screen. Keyboard (maybe the best of all Netbook keyboards).

Worst Feature(s): Expensive. Glossy screen is not great for viewing outdoors.

8. Dell Inspiron Mini 10

Best Feature(s): Edge to edge display. Keyboard. Design.

Worst Feature(s): Cost (a bit high).

9. Toshiba Mini NB205

Best Feature(s): Great battery life. Lightweight.

Worst Feature(s): Cost (a bit high).

10. Samsung NC20

Best Feature(s): Larger screen area (12.1 inches). Larger keyboard.

Worst Feature(s): A bit more expensive than other Netbooks. This netbook almost fits better into the regular laptop category because of it's larger size.

If we had to recommend just one netbook at this point we would go with the ASUS Eee PC 1000HA, yet the market is changing daily so it will be exciting to see what netbooks will be hitting the stores this year.